Sig Stark – Author

Sigrid Stark (nee Hoffman) graduated from John Oliver High School in 1974. Her favourite place during her High School years was in the choir room, making music under the direction of Mr. Repel.  After JO she attended North American Baptist College in Edmonton where she continued to make music as a voice student.  It was there that she met her husband, Loren Stark, a theology student.  After graduation they spent over 30 years of pastoral ministry in four different churches in two provinces.  Her book “Potluck at Rabbit Hill” features stories from their time at Rabbit Hill Baptist Church, an historic, country church on the edge of Edmonton, Alberta.

Sigrid spent her working career as a fundraiser and writer for several non-profits. She and Loren now live in Comox B.C. where she is contemplating her second book.  They have four grown children, two “in-law” children, and one amazing granddaughter.

At first glance Rabbit Hill Baptist Church is just that: a quaint little country church just outside of Edmonton’s city limits.  It’s not until you go inside and meet the people that you realize that this is a place like no other.  Here you’ll find stories that need to be told.  Stories about burning outhouses, exploding trees and flying mice. You’ll find stories about people who will make you laugh out loud and make you wish that they were part of your life too. Well, minus things that burn, explode, and fly. 

Potluck at Rabbit Hill is an engaging and enjoyable read about memorable times with a beautiful community. Author Sigrid Stark was part of the church when her husband was their pastor from 1992 to 2004. She is a consummate storyteller who captures the laughter, love, and sometimes sadness of a compassionate community of faith. Whether or not readers are people of faith themselves, they will find her stories about kind people living good lives both captivating and inspirational.

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